A Digital Portal and Network for your Real Estate Project

Our real estate apps can be configured individually and compose an extensive software for your investment.
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Use digital innovation as a chance for future viability and an increase in value of your investments.

Lasting Value through Revitalization

Compared to other goods, real estate has a long lifespan. For a lasting value it is essential to keep the property modern and up-to-date. Traditionally, maintenance and revitalization measures would be taken on in order to achieve this. In face of the progressing digital transformation, digital revitalization comes into focus. Buildings require a central software, which bundles all aspects of the property – comparable to a navigation system in a car.

Digital Refurbishment

ANIMUS enables you to refurbish digitally. Offer your employees and residents services, simplify communication, allow access to future topics like mobility and smart building and connect the users of your property with each other. Your property can be updated regularly and grows along social demands.
Create value retention for your owners through digital revitalization.

Werterhalt durch Revitalisierung

Immobilien haben im Vergleich zu anderen Gütern eine lange Lebensdauer. Nicht zuletzt vor diesem Hintergrund ist es für den Werterhalt über die Zeit zentral, dass Immobilien stets modern und aktuell gehalten werden. Herkömmlich nutzen Sie hierfür Instandhaltungs- und Revitalisierungmaßnahmen. Mit der fortschreitenden digitalen Transformation rückt das digitale Revitalisieren in den Fokus. Hierfür benötigen Ihre Gebäude eine zentrale Software, die alles rund um die Immobilie bündelt – vergleichbar mit dem Navigationssystem im Auto.

Digital Refurbishment

ANIMUS ermöglicht Ihnen dieses sogenannte digital refurbishment. Bieten Sie den Mitarbeitern und Bewohnern in Ihren Immobilien Services an, vereinfachen Sie die Kommunikation, ermöglichen Sie Zukunftsthemen wie Mobilität und Smart Building und vernetzen Sie die Nutzer der Immobilie untereinander. Ihre Immobilie ist somit „updatefähig“ und wächst mit den gesellschaftlichen Anforderungen mit.

Four Modules – Multiple Functions

Choose from a variety of functions – everything you might need to digitalize your project.


  • Complaints
  • Appointments
  • Free units
  • Digital pin boards

Future Topics

  • Smart Home
  • Smart Parking
  • (E-) Mobility
  • Local marketplace


  • Timeline
  • Chat
  • Pin board
  • Appointments


  • Parcel receipt
  • Laundry service
  • Food delivery
  • Comfort services


  • Beanstandungen
  • Termine
  • Freie Einheiten
  • Digitale Aushänge


  • Smart Home
  • Smart Parking
  • (E-) Mobilität
  • Lokaler Marktplatz


  • Timeline
  • Chatten
  • Pinnwand
  • Termine


  • Paketannahme
  • Wäsche-Service
  • Lebensmittel-Lieferung
  • Komfort-Services

Your benefits

Optimize your processes

Our software will enable you to be digital, optimize your processes and work more efficiently.

Increase your value

Additionally, offering an App will increase your properties value effectively.

Boost customer enthusiasm

Make your tenants happy by reaching them via their smartphone and by offering services that will facilitate daily life.

Your Route Towards your Personalized App

After developing the basic structure of the app, we will implement your specific wishes and functions.
Let’s go!
  • 1

    Setup of your app

    Firstly, we host the URL you asked for and add your master data. If required, this can be done via an API port to your ERP-system. Afterwards you can choose your desired functions from our collection. Since we offer a white label solution your app will appear in the corporate design of the project.

  • 2

    Content & Service Providers

    The next step includes bringing your app to life, by adding relevant content like contact information, images, pin board categories and so on. Already existing cooperations with external service providers are also defined in this step. If required, we can always support you in finding additional service providers in order to present interesting offers to your app users.

  • 3

    Going ahead and making the users happy

    We are ready to go as soon as the app is filled with content and services. In order to get the attention of your users we help you with creating campaigns, mailings, advertisements, competitions or organizing events. Let’s walk this path together and digitalize your property!
    Let us design the path to your digital real estate together!

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