To make it as easy as possible to set up a quarter app, we work together with the following providers of ERP-Systems. A digital interface enables the smooth exchange of data volumes between the two software systems. There are also ERP-Systems for our various stakeholders:

Building & Developing

Our partnerships with ERP-System providers who support project developers throughout the entire property cycle.

Operate & Maintain

Our partnerships with ERP-System providers who support the housing industry, especially the area of administration.

ERP - Partners

Building & Developing

Cooperation of IMKE and ANIMUS

Manage your warranty in one system - with consistent processes - from notification of the defect to tradesman control. Or load documents of the purchaser directly per click from the archive into the digital apartment file. The two systems are connected via interfaces. The data is written continuously from one system to the other. The internal processes go directly to the resident and vice versa. Data is only maintained and stored in one system.
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Extract functions:

Address management
Construction deficiencies and construction protocol
Document archive
Finance & Liquidity
Management of prospects
Offers for customers
Projects / Building projects
Accounting Management

ERP Partner

Operate & Maintain


Cooperation with DOMUS
Distinguish yourself from your competitors by creating networks in quarters. Whether it's condominiums communities or rental properties, temporary and socially subsidized living, connect your tenants with you and each other. Offer strong services such as laundry and parcel services and enable future topics such as smart building and mobility. Give "being together" a face and thus strengthen the personal, emotional bond with your customers.
DOMUS Software AG has been providing property and real estate management softwares for over 40 years. Numerous property management companies use the ERP and CRM systems of the family business for accounting, accounting, order management and as a document management system.
Now a new trend in the property management industry is noticeable: especially in inner-city, spatially connected areas where different types of occupancy come together. Expanded, household-related services, which extend the classic range of services offered by property management companies, are becoming increasingly important and are moving closer together. In our networked world of today, the property manager is increasingly becoming the node of all services. QUARTERCASE - a joint development of DOMUS and ANIMUS - is the neighbourhood portal that allows you to take this trend into account.
QUARTERCASE combines the advantages of the DOMUS product HOMECASE - transparent communication and paperless administration - with the advantages of ANIMUS - smart serviced living - in one. Bundled in the central systems of DOMUS you publish messages, posts, appointments and documents. You manage your processes as usual and release them for the resident with a click. In the same portal, which is designed according to your corporate design, residents can view services such as mobility offers, control their homes via SmartHome or receive status information about their laundry and packages in the Parcel Center. With the involvement of the neighborhood, social and digital networks bring life to the quarter and thus contribute to the creation of measurable added value - for the caretaker and the resident.
Master data
Cloud Services