A digital platform and network for your commercial property

Our real estate apps can be configured individually. Choose from a variety of functions developed especially for commercial properties and offer your employees additional digital benefits.
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Working environment 4.0

The change of society in the global and digital age has an impact on how we will work in the future. We are evolving into a knowledge-based society and the new working structures require flexibility and freedom considering time, space and organization. The increasing collaboration and use of synergies through networking represent another essential element.

Support through Digital Concepts

Co-working, mobility, social networking, digital marketplace, sharing economy, Internet of Things… The implementation and support of new working concepts in business parks, commercial properties or campuses require overall communicational and organizational structures on a digital level. This is where our digital portals come in.

Arbeitswelt 4.0

Der Wandel der Gesellschaft im globalen und digitalen Zeitalter hat auch große Auswirkungen auf die Art und Weise, wie wir in Zukunft arbeiten werden. Wir entwickeln uns zu einer Wissensgesellschaft und die neuen Arbeitsstrukturen verlangen zeitliche, räumliche und organisatorische Flexibilität und Freiheit. Ein weiterer wichtiger Faktor spielt die zunehmende Zusammenarbeit und Nutzung von Synergien durch Vernetzung.

Unterstützung durch digitale Konzepte

Co-Working, Mobilität, Soziale Vernetzung, Digitaler Marktplatz, Sharing-Economy, Internet of Things...Zur Umsetzung und Unterstützung der neuen Arbeitskonzepte in Businessparks, Gewerbeprojekten oder Campi benötigen diese eine allumfassende Kommunikations- und Organisationsstruktur auf digitaler Ebene. Hier setzen wir mit unseren digitalen Portalen an.

One App – Multiple Functions

Every project is different. We offer a variety of functions and you decide which ones you prefer for your specific app. The result is a custom-made app to meet your individual needs.

Internal social network

Digital pin board, chatting, a timeline – a social and strong community on site

Room booking

A digital room booking system for shared spaces at your location.

Smart access systems

We can implement a smart access system for your buildings within the application via our partners.

For example, how about… ?


Bidirectional interface to ERP system

More about ERP

and many more…

Mobility & Parking

Through the connection of car and bike sharing providers, we will ensure that anybody can reach your location easily.

Services & Marketplace

Some services are offered by us directly. On top of that, you can integrate your own external service providers through the marketplace.

Future topics

IoT, mobility, sharing economy – all realizable through our strong cooperations.

Eine App – zahlreiche Funktionen

Wir bieten eine Vielzahl an Funktionen an und Sie stellen sich Ihre spezifische App zusammen. Das Resultat ist eine maßgeschneiderte App für Ihre individuellen Belange.

Wie wäre es zum Beispiel mit…?

Internes Soziales Netzwerk

Digitale Pinnwand, Chat-Funktion, Timeline - eine soziale und starke Community an Ihrem Standort

Buchung Räume

Ein digitales Buchungssystem für gemeinschaftlich genutzte Räume an Ihrem Standort.

Intelligentes Zugangssystem

Durch unsere Zusammenarbeit mit Partnern können wir ein intelligentes Zugangssystem in Ihr Portal einbauen.

Mobilität & Parken

Anbindungen von Car-/Bike-Sharing oder SmartParking machen die Anreise zu Ihrem Standort komfortabel.

Services & Marktplatz

Wir liefern einige Services direkt mit. Zudem können sich externe Dienstleister über den Marktplatz anbinden.


IoT, Mobilität, Sharing-Economy - durch unsere Kooperationen in der App umsetzbar.

und viele weitere…

Bidirektionale Schnittstelle an ERP-System

Mehr zu ERP

Your Benefits

Optimize your processes

Our software will enable you to be digital, optimize your processes and work more efficiently.

Increase your value

Additionally, offering an App will increase your properties’ value effectively.

Boost customer enthusiasm

Make your tenants happy by reaching them via their smartphone and by offering services that will facilitate daily life.

Your Route Towards your Personalized App

After developing the basic structure of the app, we will implement your specific wishes and functions.

Let’s go!

  • 1

    Setup of your app

    Firstly, we host the URL you asked for and add your master data. If required, this can be done via an API port to your ERP-system. Afterwards you can choose your desired functions from our collection. Since we offer a white label solution your app will appear in the corporate design of the respective project.

  • 2

    Content & service providers

    The next step includes bringing your app to life, by adding relevant content like contact information, images, pin board categories etc. Already existing cooperations with external service providers are also defined in this step. If required, we will be happy to take over the service provider search for you, so you can present interesting offers to the users of your app.

  • 3

    Going ahead and making the users happy

    We are ready to go as soon as the app is filled with content and services. In order to get the attention of your users we will help you with creating campaigns, mailings, advertisements, competitions or organizing events.

    Let’s walk this path together and digitalize your property!

Convince yourself of ANIMUS and don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

Your contact for any questions concerning commercial properties is Dr. Chris Richter.
Dr. Chris Richter