A Digital Platform and Network for a Lively and Urban Quarter

Our real estate apps can be set up individually. Choose from a great variety of functions and offer your tenants, employees or clients additional benefits.
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Take advantage of using digital innovation as a chance for future viability, networking and liveliness in your quarter.


Pre-Project Phase Support

The positive effects of digital innovation have arrived in our daily life as well as our business processes. We want to support you in digitalizing your business. We offer you our know-how concerning topics like service living – what has to be considered? Which premises and hardware make sense? Future topics – which sensors, housing and property automation should be built in? Operation – how can the new structures be used effectively? How do you thrill your users?

Operational and Serviced-Living Support

Damage reporting, management of documents, sales and many further procedures can be dealt with through our platforms in no time. The users are pleased to be able to access their personal documents via their smartphones at all times. Furthermore, they can choose from a great variety of services, which makes life in the quarter pleasant and comfortable.

Future Topics Support

New digital strategies, processes and solutions are the true drivers of the digital transformation within the real estate business. Which technologies do valuable properties need these days? After the hardware is integrated, we can connect objects, equipment and devices with our software. Your future users will enjoy being able to manage everything via their smartphone.

Networking, IoT & Urban Communities

You should offer your users tangible additional value. A lively quarter is shaped by the networking of the residents, an urban feeling of belonging together in the middle of an anonymous city. You can excite your users through innovative offers such as smart parking, a digital neighborhood network, smart home or gamification approaches. We would be more than happy to accompany you on this path!

Unterstützung in der Vorprojektphase

Die positive Wirkungskraft digitaler Innovationen ist überall in unserem Alltag und unseren Geschäftsprozessen angekommen. Wir möchten Sie dabei unterstützen Ihr Unternehmen digitaler zu gestalten! Im Rahmen der Einführung von ANIMUS geben wir unsere Erfahrungen weiter zu verschiedenen Themen: Servicewohnen - was ist zu beachten? Welche Räumlichkeiten und Hardware sind sinnvoll? Zukunftsthemen - welche Sensorik, Haus bzw. Gebäudeautomation sollen verbaut werden? Betrieb - wie können die neuen Strukturen positiv genutzt werden? Wie begeistere ich meine Nutzer?

Unterstützung bei Zukunftsthemen

Neue digitale Strategien, Prozesse und Lösungen sind der eigentliche Treiber der digitalen Transformation in der Immobilienwirtschaft. Was benötigen werthaltige Immobilien heute an Technik? Nachdem die gewünschte Hardware verbaut wurde können wir Ihr Quartier mit unserer Software ausschmücken und verschiedene Objekte, Geräte und Gegenstände miteinander vernetzen. Ihre zukünftigen Nutzer werden sich darüber freuen, alles über Ihr Smartphone steuern zu können.

Unterstützung im Betrieb & Servicewohnen

Schadensmanagement, Dokumentenverwaltung, Vertrieb und viele weitere Vorgänge lassen sich über unsere Portale digital in Windeseile abhandeln. Die Nutzer freuen sich, dass Sie alle wichtigen Unterlagen immer digital auf Ihrem Smartphone dabei haben. Außerdem können Sie aus einer Vielzahl an wohnungsnahen Services wählen, wodurch das Leben im Quartier angenehm und komfortabel wird.

Vernetzung, IoT & Urbane Community

Mit Ihrem Quartier müssen Sie den Nutzern einen konkreten Mehrwert bieten. Ein lebendiges Quartier lebt davon, dass sich deren Bewohner und Gewerbestellen vernetzen, es lebt von einem urbanen Wir-Gefühl und das mitten in der Stadt. Durch innovative Angebote wie Smart Parking, ein digitales Nachbarschaftsnetzwerk, Smart Home oder Ansätze von Gamification können Sie Ihre Nutzer begeistern. Gerne würden wir Sie bei diesem Weg begleiten!

Four Modules – numerous functions

Choose from a variety of functions – all you need for digitalizing your property.


  • Complaints
  • Appointments
  • Free units
  • Digital pin boards

Future topics

  • Smart Home
  • Smart Parking
  • (E-) Mobility
  • Local marketplace

Bidirectional interface to ERP system

More about ERP


  • Timeline
  • Chatting
  • Pin board
  • Appointments


  • Parcel receipt
  • Laundry service
  • Food delivery
  • Comfort services


  • Beanstandungen
  • Termine
  • Freie Einheiten
  • Digitale Aushänge


  • Smart Home
  • Smart Parking
  • (E-) Mobilität
  • Lokaler Marktplatz


  • Timeline
  • Chatten
  • Pinnwand
  • Termine


  • Paketannahme
  • Wäsche-Service
  • Lebensmittel-Lieferung
  • Komfort-Services

Bidirektionale Schnittstelle an ERP-System

Mehr zu ERP

Your benefits

Optimize your processes

Our software will enable you to be digital, optimize your processes and work more efficiently.

Increase your value

Additionally, offering an App will increase your properties value effectively.

Boost customer enthusiasm

Make your tenants happy by reaching them via their smartphone and by offering services that will facilitate daily life.

What Does Serviced-Living Mean?

For us, serviced-living means offering the tenants more comfort and safety in their own home. A holistic, interconnected living experience can be created through individual services. For ANIMUS, the user of the property is always the center of attention. The goal is to facilitate the users’ life regarding various aspects. At the end of the day, there should be time for the important things in life.

Growing Old at Home

Living independently and in a familiar social environment as long as possible is something many elderly people wish for. Age-based ambient assisted living systems are becoming increasingly important within this matter. Through cooperations, for example with our partner “Die Johanniter”, ANIMUS wants to support this special type of living with digital solutions. Enabling people to live self-determined and happily in their homes for as long as possible is what we thrive for.

Your Route Towards your Personalized App

After developing the basic structure of the app, we will implement your specific wishes and functions.

Let’s go!

  • 1

    Setup of your app

    Firstly, we host the URL you asked for and add your master data. If required, this can be done via an API port to your ERP-system. Afterwards you can choose your desired functions from our collection. Since we offer a white label solution your app will appear in the corporate design of the project.

  • 2

    Content and service providers

    The next step includes bringing your app to life, by adding relevant content like contact information, images, pin board categories and so on. Already existing cooperations with external service providers are also defined in this step. If required, we can always support you in finding additional service providers in order for you to present interesting offers to your app users.

  • 3

    Going ahead and making the users happy

    We are ready to go as soon as the app is filled with content and services. In order to get the attention of your users we help you with creating campaigns, mailings, advertisements, competitions or organizing events.

    Let’s walk this path together and digitalize your property!

Any questions remaining?

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Your contact for any questions concerning project development is Dr. Thomas Götzen.
Dr. Thomas Götzen